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USA : Changement des règles d'entrée et sortie pour les avions privés

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Entrer ou sortir des USA avec un avion privé implique le respect de certaines règles. Celles ci viennent de changer. Quelques explications (en anglais)

Reporting Requirements Begin December 18 for Private Aircraft Arriving or Departing United States

(12/12/2008)On November 18, U.S. Customs and Border Protection published the Advance Information on Private Aircraft Arriving and Departing the United States final rule. ( Private Aircraft Final Rule )
This rule requires private pilots or their designees to transmit electronically to CBP:

Traveler manifest information for each individual traveling onboard the aircraft
Notice of arrival information
Notice of departure information
This data must be received by CBP no later than 60 minutes prior to departure for flights arriving in or departing from the United States.

The new regulations are effective December 18, 2008 with a 180-day voluntary compliance period ending on May 18, 2009. On December 18, 2008, CBP will begin to accept voluntary APIS manifests for private aircraft arriving in and departing from the United States. On May 18, 2009, the voluntary compliance period will end and private aircraft pilots (or their designees) must adhere to the requirements of this final rule.

Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS)

A public Web site, eAPIS (, has been created by CBP for small commercial carriers to meet the requirements of the APIS final rule for commercial carriers. CBP has developed a component within eAPIS to assist private flyers with the requirements of the final rule for private aircraft. ( Electronic Advance Passenger Information System ) The eAPIS Web site provides private pilots with all capabilities necessary to comply with the rule.

Private pilots or their designees may enroll in eAPIS immediately. Once the rule becomes effective December 18, persons seeking accounts should expect responses within five business days after submission of the enrollment request.

For complete information on how to use eAPIS, there is an online tutorial available online. ( eAPIS Web Based Training ) Answers to frequently asked questions are also available. ( Reporting Requirements for Private Aircraft—Frequently Asked Questions )

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