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Saving pilots from themselves?

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Saving pilots from themselves?
AOPA France has held a meeting with the GIPAG, the National Union of Maintenance Professionals in France, and the French national aviation authority the DGAC to talk about the maintenance of foreign-registered aircraft in France.
AOPA forcibly rebutted claims that aircraft are kept on the N-register in France in order to save money by taking advantage of a slacker maintenance regime. In fact, AOPA said, owners fled from national registries primarily because it was next to impossible to obtain an Instrument Rating.
In fact, the vast majority of N-registered aircraft in France, are maintained through Part145 maintenance outfits that are much more expensive than field FAA mechanics.
While American maintenance regimes follow recommendations and directives from the manufacturers, European authorities’ tend to misinterpret the word ‘recommended’ as ‘mandatory’, presuming that all pilots are suicidal and put a low price on their own lives.
AOPA France stressed that the authorities should concentrate on making sure that a desirable level of safety is achieved.
Over-regulating and misinterpreting the maintenance recommendations of the manufacturer works against safety by misusing finite resources that could be better spent.
AOPA also noted that maintenance organisations willing to work on N registered aircraft should have the proper level of knowledge on both sets of regulations, and make sure that owners and operators are not burdened with unnecessary work orders or ‘mandatory requirements’.
Emmanuel Davidson of AOPA France says:
AOPA underlined that privately operated aircraft were flown by owners who tend to want to live to fly another day, and should not be treated as brainless pilots who need to be saved from their own parsimony by escaping to a foreign registry.”

IAOPA News 03/02/2014



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