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Amsterdam area will be re-opened for VFR traffic end of next week

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Amsterdam area will be re-opened for VFR traffic end of next week
Dear AOPA Europe,
After a week of intensive meetings with the department of transport we have convinced them that the closing of this area due to cluttering on the ATC radar screens was a wrong action to guarantee safety.

The transponder has to be switched in the stand by position to avoid cluttering.
This give ATC the time to adjust their filter systems.
The area below the SPL TMA below 1200' will be available for VFR traffic.
Between 1200' and 1500' is available on special request, contact Amsterdam info on 124.30 and keep a listening watch on this frequency while flying in the west part of Holland.
The east part is the domain of the militaries Dutch mill information on frequency 132.35.
I will mail the AIP amendment as soon as available.
The mode S transponder is mandatory in our country.
I have informed the authorities the solo position of our country.
All our PH aircraft are equipped with S.
I asked the authority for special rules for aircraft from abroad with only A/C.
I will provide Martin Robinson with the contact details to contact on behalf of the international flying community.
Best regards,
Ary Stigter



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