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Rocket Route "dans le vent" .. Préparation des vols avec la carte des vents en altitude, en vertical.

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Rocket Route "dans le vent" .. Préparation des vols avec la carte des vents en altitude, en vertical.
Notre partenaire, Rocket Route, mets en ligne un nouvel outil de préparation des vols performant,
et surtout très novateur.
Une coupe verticale des vents sur votre parcours.
De quoi optimiser la route au fil du vent ..

New Vertical Wind Profiles now available with all briefing packs and for improved route planning.

Wk50 - Vertical Wind Profiles Now Available
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RocketRoute News

NEW Vertical Wind Profile

Vertical WindProfile

Use our new and improved briefing packs for your next flight.

Briefing Packs now Include our new Vertical Wind profile. This great new feature is designed to help pilots select the best flight level to save time and fuel.  
The vertical wind profile shows the forecast winds at different flight levels along your route. Loved by our airline crews this feature is now available to ALL pilots!
Try it today: simply prepare a route and then click Briefing Pack.
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Feedback is always welcome. Tell us what you think.

Winds Aloft & Briefing Pack Hints

Wind Profile

Vertical Winds are just part of our exciting new Flight Briefing Packs.

Your next route will have the latest, new and improved Briefing Pack from RocketRoute.
In addition to the new Vertical Wind Profile, we have also improved how Winds Aloft data is displayed. Also, your route is now overlaid on the chart for greater clarity and ease of use.
Hints & Tips #1: Customising your Briefing Pack.
Did you know the Briefing Pack can be customised under Account settings?
Simply go to the 'Account' tab and choose various options under the headings:
  • Flight Log Preferences
  • Briefing Pack Preferences
Select the features to include in your pack such as Zero Wind, Weather, Notams, Flight Log, Airport Plates and more. Remember to Save any changes made.

Briefing Pack Settings

RocketRoute gives full flexibility to get your briefing the way you want it - e-mail, download or faxed.
Plus, upgrades to our servers mean we are extending our weather coverage beyond Europe. More on this soon.

Hints & Tips #2: Create a Briefing Pack without actually filing a flight plan.
  • Simply prepare a route in Step 1: Route. Save the route.
  • Note that Step 1: Route is now displayed as Green. This means your route has been validated and Saved BUT has not yet been filed.
  • Scroll down the screen. Under the Options header click the Briefing Pack button.  
  • You now have the choice to email, download or fax part or all  of the Briefing Pack.
  • Improved briefing packs work for IFR, Y, Z and VFR plans.
Give it a try today.

Click Briefing Pack

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Team RocketRoute

Reach us by email  or phone. We are here to help.

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