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8.33 : le retour

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8.33 kHz radio spacing is coming

8.33 : le retour

The European Commission has decided to mandate the use of 8.33 kHz radio spacing at all levels across Europe, and is requiring that new aircraft be equipped with this spacing from 2012. Retro-fitting of old aircraft with new radios will begin within eight years, although there is no indication of when the retrofit will have to be completed by. In the interim, radio frequencies will be allocated in such a way that Class D and C airspace will be accessible to aircraft with 25 kHz radios.
IAOPA Senior Vice President Martin Robinson, who has been in negotiation with various bodies about 8.33 kHz radios for almost 20 years, says: “We have managed to stave off this requirement for a decade, which is something general aviation can take comfort from, but we always knew that ultimately it would be forced upon us. States will have up to 2018 to decide how to apply the retrofit requirement, and it is to be hoped that less expensive 8.33 equipment will become available in that time.”
IAOPA has never accepted that 8.33 is necessary below FL195 – it has been mandated above that level since 2007 – because all the frequencies aviation needs could be created through efficiencies by combining all of Europe’s frequency allocation offices. NATO has done this, and has found all the frequencies it needs. However, the decisions are being made by those who run the frequency allocation offices.
During a Eurocontrol consultation, most stakeholders agreed that the 8.33 mandate should be taken down to the ground – it didn’t affect the airlines because they’re all 8.33 already, and have passed the cost to passengers. But the stakeholders stipulated that Eurocontrol: “Develop a European Implementation Plan with the participation of all affected stakeholders, also taking into account the issue of funding.” Exactly how that ‘issue of funding’ is to be taken into account is unclear. Martin Robinson says: “They’re not going to pay for your new radio, but it may be that they cover some certification costs.”



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